Experienced Counsel For Your Business

Clearing legal obstacles were probably never part of your business and marketing plan. But the simple fact is, from the moment you first decided to start a new business, invest as a partner or buy an existing operation, you entered the world of business law.

Michael Stolzar, in White Plains, New York, lives in the world of business law. Since opening my doors, I have been committed to one very important principle: Businesses don't succeed unless their owners and operators are committed to following a plan for success.

"I work to make your business succeed and keep it out of trouble." Attorney Michael Stolzar

Michael Stolzar, is your complete business law attorney, offering general counsel as well as individual services, as the need arises.

Clients include:

  • Professionals setting up a solo practice
  • Individuals considering starting their first business
  • Partners starting or merging businesses
  • Angel investors and silent shareholders
  • Entrepreneurs looking for startup investments
  • Successful business seeking growth through securities and outside investment

I have experienced working across all industries, including:

  • Accounting firms
  • Broker-dealers
  • Commercial real estate
  • Consulting
  • Financial services
  • Food and beverage
  • Health care
  • Not-for-profit
  • Real estate brokerage
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Software development
  • Software licensing
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Wholesale giftware

I work closely with clients on business transactions as well as the myriad of complex issues attendant to growing and operating a business. Because my business is representing businesses, I understand effective legal representation begins with a thorough understanding of my client's business, goals and challenges.

My Full Range Of Services

Forming a new business entity: Growth, new ventures and expanded ownership bases may require the formation of new entities or re-structuring of existing ones. Typically, clients chose between a corporation or limited liability company. I work closely with clients and their accountants to select the entity format that provides the most desirable taxation, liability protection and operational advantages.

As part of setting up a business entity, my services may include drafting agreements related to:

  • Majority and minority owners' rights
  • Additional capital requirements
  • Profit and loss allocations
  • Distributions
  • Restrictions on transfer of ownership interests
  • Protecting the owners and their families should an owner die or become disabled

Sale or buying a business: The sale and purchase of a business requires the synchronization of many moving parts. I understand the factors that can have enormous economic impact on our clients, such as:

  • Whether stock or assets are being sold or purchased
  • The buyer's entity form
  • The allocation of the sale/purchase price
  • Whether it would be beneficial to structure the transaction as a merger or other tax-free reorganization under the Internal Revenue Code
  • Whether the owner of the selling entity is to be compensated for post-closing services

Agreements and contracts related to personal services: I help our clients understand just how far they can and should go in negotiations with and hiring or retaining a key person. I demonstrate the appropriate position for businesses to take on compensation, including:

  • Performance bonuses
  • Deferred compensation
  • Employee stock options
  • Phantom stock, requiring an employee to remain with the company

Securities and acquisition of capital investment: I devise sound strategies for helping our clients understand and navigate the dynamics of securities and shareholder investments. I work directly with our clients' accountants and financial advisors to structure investment capital to maximize success for their business goals.

General Legal Counsel

"All too often, business owners avoid the cost of experienced legal advice, rather than thinking of it as a sound investment. The result is often a very expensive mistake that could have been avoided or mitigated by timely legal consultation." Attorney Michael Stolzar

The counselor-at-law is not reserved for large corporations. My retainer agreements offer our business clients scopes of services that can include the following:

  • Advise re: miscellaneous day-to-day issues and questions
  • Ongoing coaching to implement goals and solve problems
  • Quarterly meetings (as least 2x per year on site)
  • Interaction with client's accountant and other advisors
  • Sounding board for ideas, strategy and potential transactions
  • Miscellaneous correspondence
  • Consultation regarding issues facing the client's business
  • Review of miscellaneous noncomplex agreements
  • Review legal documents, e.g., customer and vendor contracts
  • Yearly due diligence checkup for business
  • Strategic planning
  • Maintaining corporate records

Contact Me

Whether you need a specific problem or opportunity addressed, or require sound outside general counsel on n retainer basis, you can rely on Michael Stolzar. Call me at 914-517-3468 or send an email requesting an opportunity to meet with a business lawyer as soon as possible.