Taking Care Of Business Law Needs Since 1972

Michael Stolzar believes that successful businesses are started and grown by people who take the time to understand the difference between working for themselves and working ON growing their business. While being self-employed may generate a paycheck, it is not enough to build a solid foundation on which future wealth can be generated.

That is what Michael Stolzar is all about. Since becoming a lawyer, he has focused on one thing: helping business owners succeed and reap the real benefits for their business, for themselves and for their families.

"I work to make your business succeed and keep it out of trouble." Attorney Michael Stolzar

Whether you are considering starting your first business, or have been operating a successful business and now want to take advantage of growth opportunities, getting there requires a roadmap. You know how hard you have to work. Let me show you how to apply those efforts in a direction that leads to success.

I offer a full range of business transaction services and am ready to serve as your outside general counsel, and I am ready to help you understand the legal issues and overcome the obstacles that may seem like roadblocks.

"Whether your business is facing dynamic external factors, such as globalization, or internal factors such as capitalization or cash flow, there is an effective strategy and we will help you follow it." Attorney Michael Stolzar